If you have gone to the zoo (if you haven’t, where have you been all your life?), chances are you have seen one or a few of the gentle giants we call elephants. Other than their endangered status, these creatures have drawn in multitudes because of their calm demeanor and majestic beauty. If you’re among the multitudes who are quite enamored with the magnificent elephant, you might like this collection of easy elephant drawings!

They are not just a bunch of plain old Cartoon Drawings. They come in different designs and styles and are available for download in a JPG format.

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Colorful Elephant Drawing


Elephant Head Drawing


Cartoon Elephant Drawing


The Elephant Reimagined

Far from the sharp edges and dark, gloomy quality of our collection of Skull Drawings, these easy elephant drawings give you a picture—several, in fact—of the gentle creature being featured from each artist’s perspective. And by the looks of these illustrations and their stellar quality, I won’t be surprised of you’re floored with a lot of these already.

So that you know where to start with these beautiful elephant drawings, here are the choices you have to work with:

  • Realistic sketches

Who needs a photographer or a photograph when you get to have artists’ sketches that are as good as the real thing? In “Elephant Tusk Drawing,” the artist may as well have been at the savanna, with the gentle creature peering at him (or her) through a little thicket.

Though the relatively thick outline takes away from the realistic quality, “Elephant Pencil Drawing” shows great attention to detail and incredible shading to mimic light and create shadows.

  • Cutesy and cartoony

If you haven’t seen Dumbo yet (again, where have you been all these years?), just picture the adorable creature in “Cartoon Elephant Drawing” with really big ears . . . you know, for an elephant. The artist did an incredible job giving life to the subject with a cheeky expression.

  • Wash of vibrant color

And then there’s “Colorful Elephant Drawing,” the masterpiece that looks like it could have been digitally created.

Elephant Pencil Drawing


Elephant Tusk Drawing


Elephant Line Drawing


Elephant Mandala Drawing

Bang for Your Buck, Three for the Tusks

Now that you know that this collection of easy elephant drawings is not one to scoff at, not just a handful of Cute Drawings, you’re probably already thinking of ways how you can make the most out of them as well. To help you out in that department, here are a few ideas:

  • Art style inspiration

A little something like “Elephant Tattoo Drawing” is probably not all too new for everyone; but with the incorporation of sharp, precise lines and edges to a (supposed) realistic sketch, the artist was able to produce something special such as this. Choose any one (or all) of these images, download, and then study the lines and techniques. There’s always something to learn from others’ work.

  • DIY coloring page

If you’re looking for one to add to your little tyke’s coloring book, “Elephant Line Drawing” may be what you need. However, if you yourself want to get in on the coloring action for some quiet time and meditation (yes, meditation), “Elephant Mandala Drawing” will be the perfect one for you.

  • Display photo replacement

Opt for “Colorful Elephant Drawing,” and take down that three-year-old profile picture or cover photo or desktop background. You get my drift.


So check out the links and download now!

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