Have you ever felt like inspiration is just not coming in when you need it most? Whether you’re working on a sketch, a new design, a novel, a song, a contemporary routine . . . if you’re an artist, you know what I’m talking about, what it feels like.

In this day and age, when we’ve all been so exposed to so much, we’ve become desensitized; and nothing strikes us as much as things did back in the day.

But maybe with these downloadable Ballpoint Pen Drawings, we might get the old creativity flowing back again. These simple pen drawings come in a JPG format for ease in download.

Animal Pen Drawing


Pen Drawing of Flowers


Pen Drawings of Eyes


Pen Doodle Drawing

Ballpoint Pen Drawing


The Pen Is Mightier Than . . .

Pens have become the go-to writing instrument of the everyday human being. They’re practical and accessible. But other than that, most people have only found use for them when they have to write down some cute guy’s number. Oh, and school, of course!

But as you can see in our collection of beautiful pen drawings, that’s not exactly the case.

  • Not entirely sure what pen is used here (sadly, I am but a pen novice), but the “Abstract Pen Drawing” certainly does hold true to its label. It also has some delightful hints of the mandala design, which has been gaining popularity recently.
  • The “Animal Pen Drawing” makes clever use of bold ballpoint pen strokes to mimic the fur of this beautiful creature (we reckon this is either a fox or a racoon). You can also see how this style fares in Bird Drawings.
  • Who says flower sketches have to have color to be considered beautiful? The “Pen Drawing of Flowers” proves that some textured shading can go a long way. Notice how the artist used primarily criss-crosses and lines? Genius!
  • Like the Pencil Drawings of Eyes, the artist of the “Pen Drawings of Eyes” still somehow managed to use a light hand and incorporate softness given the permanence that comes with this chosen medium.

Line Drawing with Pen

Realistic Pen Drawing


Portrait Pen Drawing


Cool Pen Drawing


  • As you can see, the “Pen Doodle Drawing” is more than just a doodle. It’s a creative and quirky floral arrangement.
  • The “Ballpoint Pen Drawing” has got to be, hands down, the best portrait pen drawing in this collection or anywhere else for that matter! How the artist managed to make this look so realistic, how he managed to even capture the light and the reflection off of the glasses . . . all with a ballpoint pen! It’s beyond me.
  • In “Line Drawing with Pen,” we see a wonderful portrait of a sea turtle with a beautiful, mandala-decked shell.
  • Perhaps second to the “Ballpoint Pen Drawing,” the “Realistic Pen Drawing” is yet another exhibit of what oodles of talent and a simple blue pen (pencil for Pencil Drawings, of course) can do.
  • Lovers of anime can definitely appreciate the “Cartoon Pen Drawing.” It also shows how little the kind of medium used matters. The emotion of the subject is still very apparent in this sketch.
  • The “Portrait Pen Drawing,” another personal favorite, shows a more cartoon-like version of realistic pen portraits. This was achieved by using bold lines and bold strokes.
  • The “Cool Pen Drawing” portrays a cute little bird about to take flight. Like this artist’s career perhaps, yes?

I don’t know how these artists do it, but I gather they had the perfect main ingredient down: inspiration. And maybe the works here will be yours.

So go ahead and download these pen drawings!

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