Browsing new websites is always exciting and wonderful as they present new ideas and creative style. However it is difficult to browse random websites in search of some good ones. So, here are a few amazing inspiring websites that are ruling the trends and are loved by the audience. Each of these has something unique and interesting about it.



This super cool looking website has a lot of spunk and funk which makes it stick to its theme. The use of mustard yellow as the primary colour on the website makes it really funky. The icons and images uses on the website are of premium quality which is impressive.


This music themed website uses music and sound as its primary design elements and brings to focus the beauty of listening to music. The colours used in the website are bold and classy which gives the website a contemporary look. The typeface and the content layout also make it look snazzy.


This video game themed website is sure to give you thrills with its amazing red background and exciting background music. It creates an anticipation to explore the site more and get exposed to what it has to offer. The designing is flawless and the use of bright red colour gives it a nice look.


This website is another example of how to create an amazing website with catchy design elements. The use of indigo blue and white as the theme colour coupled with snazzy icons does the trick of creating a nifty website. This neighbourhood guide website will help you easily identify cities on the site.



This cute looking website will win your heart with its proper use of colours. The background is milky white but the icons and images add a dash of vibrant colour in the website. The layout and content also looks cool and the proper structure of the website makes it easy to navigate.



This website seems straight out of the comic book with its typeface, background and animation resembling a cartoon strip. The use of comic book colours like red, yellow etc. with black, bold outlines makes this site amazing. This website wins full marks for creativity and out of the box thinking.


This website looks very sophisticated with its use of high resolution images and a background that seems to resemble blue print. The content placement and the typeface is user friendly and well thought out. The primary colours used in the website are black and white with a little splash of yellow.





This interactive website redefines digital interaction with its website and the designing of the site vouches for it. The use of pleasant hues such as turquoise and white along with the use of black for content and image outlining makes the site look really cool.


This websites celebrates creativity like no other. Be it the use of flamboyant colours or the eclectic images on the website, you can’t help appreciate the wonderful designing of this website. The colours used on the site are a mix of orange, yellow and magenta pink which gives the site a unique appeal.



This colourful website outshines its counterparts with its creative content and clever use of colours, and design elements. There are a lot of vibrant colours that are used such as purple, green and blue. The styling of the website makes it appear super cool and makes it click among its audience.

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