If you are getting bored of surfing the ordinary websites and looking for some inspiring websites that are sleek and stylish, then you must check out the collection we have curated for you. These websites have amazing designing and features that speak of ingenious. The designs are well thought out and stick to their themes.


This wonderful website looks really chic and employs a great website structure. The colours and typography used in the design is sure to impress anyone. The clever blend of colours such as grey, black and white in the background coupled with premium quality images makes this site a treat for the eyes.


This lovely website uses a lot of smart design elements and a lot of cool icons to display its content. The watermark background and the excellent interface are complimented by the convenient navigation style. The layout of the website and the typography used for the content are really remarkable.


This food website will make you feel happy with its wonderful assortment of burgers. The icons and the styling of the website are kept strictly conformed to the theme of the website. The use of bright colours on the pages coupled with the subtle background that highlights the burger images makes this website a true star.


This site is bright, bold and attractive. Thanks to the animated style which has its mascot like characters standing out with a banner, this site touches your heart with its amazing designing. The typography and the sky blue background make this site really appealing and catchy.


The beauty about this wonderful site is the mind blowing design and structure. The use of powerful design elements and typography in addition to motion videos in the background give it a different appeal. The use of colours like black and white in the interface is complemented with powerful images.


This site looks visually charming and has a lot of sophistication about it that cannot be overlooked. The premium quality images coupled with an excellent typography and a stunning layout makes this site outshine others Not only that, the navigation is very smooth and the use of grey and black adds to its glory.


This site has an amazing compilation of a lot of high quality images which are really beautiful. The styling of the website is unique and clever and the use of colourful images and a readable typography makes this site really cool. You are sure to be impressed by its visual appeal.


This site will help you explore the beauty of Greenland and as you can expect you get to witness the images of a lot of beautiful places in the snow laden land. This wonderful site will make you feel charmed and delighted at the same time. The site sues a lot of white as its background and the red hue for it content.


This fashion website uses a lot quirky elements for its design language. There a lot of images that pertains to the fashion world and modelling. The background is black and blue and you would find this site significantly differently from the rest. The structure and layout is also different which makes it trendy.


 Add this site to your list of quirky sites as well. The styling of this website is different and it uses a lot of comic and cartoon characters for its designing. The comic elements are beautifully combined with real life characters. The background is yellow but it has splash of a lot of colourful elements.

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