Like every other week, we are back with the collection of inspiring sites of the week that will give you brand new ideas to make your designs look different from the crowd. Be it the outlook, functionality or performance, all of these inspiring websites designs do extremely well in everything. Check out this collection to know about the most talked designs on the internet.


This lovely design with black color layout provides an excellent multimedia support, so you can post images or video for making the visitors understand the concept of website perfectly. With elements such as menu bar icon on the wide video section, this design is trending in the web design world.  


With the wide, pixel perfect layout, this design is gaining lots of popularity as well as compliments from the web designer. The interactive layout combined with excellent multimedia support can excite the visitor to stay on the website for a longer time and explore more options. The bold typography highlights the various images and section of the design.

Christmas Connections

It is a design decorated with Christmas gifts like robot, car, magic box, Pokemon ball and so on gives the design the right festival feels. The light color of background makes the elements and characters imprinted on the design in the spotlight. It uses stylish typography and design elements to add more charm to its overall appearance.


This modish and fashionable design comes with a unique outlook as it features the elements including the cart tab, menu icon on the right and left side border of the design. With the automatic sliding feature, it showcases different options available for the visitor on the website. It is popularly used for e-commerce websites.

Follow your Intuition

This appealing and magical design can give feels to the viewers as it displays soft and smooth moving elements. For creating a connection with the viewer, it uses video that maintains a proper flow to have an intriguing effect on the viewer. Its uniqueness in using the multimedia features has made it one of the popular designs.


The beautiful view of the waterside city is framed with the elegant purple color layout in this incredible design. From tab for the enquiry to video field, image boxes, content section, all the essential elements are perfectly placed on this design to give it completely exceptional and impressive outlook, which has also made it popular design.


It is a useful and responsive design that comes in brownish yellow color. And, it displays cute and adorable characters that make it look more eye catchy. There are elements delivers the intent of the design perfectly. Since this design is one of its types, so it is getting popular on the internet.


This professional and decent looking design is perfect for any type of business websites as it features all the necessary elements embedded in it. From content to images, to video, it consists of separate fields for every element that is distinguished with white space. Available in bright white color, this trendy design maintains the sophistication and standard level for business websites.  

Ready for a Tip

For providing a real life experience on the web to the visitors, this exceptional design feature contains exclusive elements and components that assure a great experience. The blunder of lovely colors creates a fun and lively environment, which will comfort the visitors while browsing the website and it has motivated other web designers to use the similar feature in their designs.


With the creative touch, this remarkable web design has impressed many web designers. Plus, it comes with the display of amazing color mixture that adds more elegance and gracefulness to the design. The element featured on this trendy design includes white space, images, etc. At the end of the page, it consists of a downward arrow that takes the visitors to next page.


With the fashionable design, lets you present various products in a magazine format that will surely give the visitors a great experience. The white color in the background uplifts the appearance of images displayed on it. This amazing design is popularly preferred for branding or e-commerce websites as it suits the idea perfectly.

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