Attractive websites and blogs can engage a lot of potential customers. With the help of a cool and presentable website, people or rather entrepreneurs can easily attract viewers towards their company. It is evident from numerous examples that most of the great businesses have a great website of their own. Any website that wants to increase user engagement should have a contemporary design which would be distinct from their competitors and has an extremely low loading time. Here are a few websites that will help entrepreneurs  understand how a good website should be.


Creating an interactive and intuitive design will help you reach out to a wider consumer base. The dark themed design with light color text helps to create contrast and engages the user. It also helps the visitor to read the text as one is easily attracted to the text written in such shades. Due to these factors, there are a lot of visitors who have visited the site and hence it is at  the top of the list.


Imaginative ideas and products that are unique will help a new asset management firm or advertising agency to grow. The homepage should contain a recent work from major clients, which helps the company to establish itself. The website is designed considering all such factors and hence attracts  huge traffic.


A book launch, film launch, everything can be made more interesting and attractive for users, with some trailblazing promotional videos, or engaging trivia. The makers know the facts perfectly and hence developed it with the perfect use of different videos and clips that have attracted visitors of almost all the age groups.


Companies or brands that are trying to sell goods or products for kids, should have a catchy or attractive design or concept. It should contain vibrant colors, and the font style should be more vivacious or lively. The use of attractive colors, various shades and outlines have made the website vibrant and highly creative.


Many companies are creating customizable websites and blog designs for budding photographers and designers. The website should have an interactive gallery for images and videos, and it should also promote the photographer’s or designer’s brand name in a subtle yet effective manner. For artists and photographers, this is a perfect website to display their art and creativity.


For new and innovative ideas one should have a revolutionary design to make an impact. It could be for a service, design or personal brand, for each one of them the design should have a blend of uniqueness and effectiveness. This site has got all such features and hence it is highly popular among its visitors.


Any futuristic product should have an efficient website, which is interactive and can generate a lot of user interest.


For a personal portfolio or website, the design should highlight the best works of the artist. And also the design should portray the artist’s personal touch, like an artist’s signature style of work, unique and personalized color palette, etc.s


For music and tech enthusiasts,  the brand, the product, and the product’s features need to be highlighted in an elegant and informative manner.


An event or the grandeur of an event should be effectively showcased on the website so that people are enthused and enthralled about the idea of an upcoming event.

These websites mentioned above are good examples for designing user-friendly and impressive websites. It is very necessary for the website owner and the designer to keep this fact in mind that the website needs to be not only elegant but also user-friendly. The designs that have been used in these examples will definitely help you to get inspired and eventually help you to improve your business.

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