If you are a web designer, then it is important to stay updated about the newest trend in the designing world, so you can maintain the standard of your designing career. Hence, we are providing you an exciting new set of best sites of the week to motivate you to create unique, creative and impressive inspiring websites design that will drag the attention of maximum online visitors.


The outstanding combination of black and red color is beautifully featured in the layout of the design to give it a smart and stylish appearance. The entire design comprises of video fields making it perfect for media or blog websites. The header displays various options to help the visitors easily navigate on the design.


The gray color texture background with the strip of bright pink in this stunning design enhances the complete outlook of it. In the center, it features clickable blocks through which it directs the visitors to the additional information page. This inspirational design along with intriguing elements allows easy navigation and smooth functionality.


The loveliness and attractiveness of this design are displayed with light and soft colors, which also give it a soothing outlook. From the search bar at the top to home menu on the header, this design combines all the elements perfectly and it is followed by column wise sections to showcase images.


The flexibility and scrolling offered by this light gray color design have made it popular and designer’s favorite. Be it cart icon, or tabs for various selections, this design features it all in an elegant way. plus, it provides superb multimedia supports, which gives a chance to add audio, video, and other files to support the content displayed on the design.


It is one of the trendiest design that showcases blocks of images in a presentable manner. The blinking images with bold typography make the layout of the design look attractive and eye-catchy. This design contains lots of white spaces to avoid a complicated view, so it is easy for the visitors to browse and scroll through it.


This classy design lets you tell a story to the visitor with every scroll as it showcases new image with on scroll. Use of reactive elements such as clickable tabs and widgets has made this design more quick to respond and interactive, which is the reason behind its increasing popularity.


It one of the most interesting and surprising design as it looks completely blank but it showcases circular structures and areas on scroll and clicks. The element embedded in the design includes menu tab, bottom to top button, blinking field, and many more intriguing elements that will enhance the user experience.


It is well-designed web design that displays black and white sections along with the structure of coffee packet at the top. The elements of this elegant and appealing design include the search bar, cart, menu bar, image boxes, email tab and so on. The bold typography printed on the black images, makes the design look extremely amazing and smart.   


It is an expressive design featured with elements and components that are extremely smooth and flexible. Plus, the back to top button simplifies the browsing for the visitors and many such interactive features has made it one of the popular design. This white and gray color design showcases digital creativity perfectly.


This touch sensitive design features fields and sections that react while scrolling which excites the visitors to keep on browsing. Hence, this creative and animated design is getting popular. Every color on the design comes out beautifully to add charm to the overall design. The flipping boxes and blocks display highlights of the design perfectly.

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