Winter is an amazing time to be locked indoors. However, there are times that you really need to get out of the confines of the house and stretch those bones. How about breaking that feeling of monotony by using our winter coloring pages? You can say for yourself that coloring is not just for kids anymore.

On this page, we have combined the ideas of a coloring book and the winter season. Since coloring printables are gaining in popularity these days, these Cool Winter Coloring Pages can be a suitable pastime for kids and adults alike. Try them with your young ones and you will not just be rekindling the artist in you but the artist in your child as well.

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Free Winter Coloring Page


Winter Scene Coloring Page


Disney Winter Coloring Page


Winter Coat Coloring Page


Winter Themed Coloring Page


Winter Sports Coloring Page



Check Out Our Cool Winter Coloring Page 

  • Disney Winter Coloring Page. This template, however, is more exceptional as we paired the theme with your favorite Walt Disney characters, e.g. Goofy, Mickey Mouse, and Donald Duck.
  • Winter Scene Coloring Page. The winter season is the time when the entire surrounding is blanketed by snow. This template shows that despite the weather, one can still enjoy sports, just like skiing.
  • Winter Themed Coloring Page. Kids always find the falling of snow beautiful. Maybe because winter becomes a costume party for them. This template shows just why, especially with their outfits.The winter break can bring boredom not just to kids but adults as well.

Coloring books are usually intended for kids. Using traditional materials like crayons and colored pencils, this art form helps ease boredom. However, adults in recent years, have found out that engaging in such an activity can promote:

  • Therapy. Coloring can be a relaxing activity for adult because studies have shown that it reduces stress.
  • A sense of well-being and meditation. There have been indicators stating that an adult engaging in a coloring activity will least likely experience anxiety.
  • A chance for them to re-discover their inner child. Adults will be able to relieve a time of  their life  when everything was simple. Coloring is a throwback of sorts.

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Printable Winter Coloring Page


Winter Hat and Mittens Coloring Page


Winter Birds Coloring Page


Winter Animal Coloring Page


How To Use These Winter Coloring Pages:

  • Parents can use them to show off their children’s artistic abilities, stick them on the refrigerator door and turn it into a mini gallery for all their friends to see.
  • Teachers can use them should they run out of ideas for classroom activities. This guarantees fun and helps the children improve their hand-eye coordination.
  • Businessmen can use them in posters, flyers and on any other promotional materials.

Why Should You Use These Coloring Pages

  • All these pages are in “JPG” and “PNG” format
  • All can be easily be downloaded
  • All sizes can easily be edited
  • Some images have no charge at all
  • Can easily be customized according to the user’s preference

Try them and create something beautiful for the holidays.

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