There comes a time in the life of a bird when it enters a phase known as “moulting. This is the time when what used to be attractive creatures resemble scraggly middle-aged men with receding hairlines. They lose their feathers and go bald. Molting usually occurs during the fall. But don’t you worry, while they’re shedding those old tufts of hair, new ones are replacing them.

If you can’t get over of that image of birds being caught naked like the day they were born, check out our compiled list of various feather templates. These templates range from feathers in colorful hues to simpler but still compelling outlines feather outlines.

Visitors of this site can use our cute feather drawings for:

  • Theme parties
  • Classrooms
  • Pet Stores
  • Animal conservation sites
  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Art Galleries

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Colorful Feather Drawing


Peacock Feather Drawing


Eagle Feather Drawing


Bird Feather Drawing


A Few Samples of Our Cute Drawings Of Feathers:

  • Colorful Feather Drawing. This artwork aims to play tricks on your mind as a number of brightly colored feathers are drawn as extensions of the eyelashes of what seems to be a female eye. In full and vivid colors, this downloadable image might work well as a screensaver for those who are prone to flights of playful fancy.
  • Eagle Feather Drawing. Since a wildlife protection law regarding the acquisition of actual eagle feathers and other parts of an eagle has long been passed, this drawing may be a better alternative for you to display and cover that vacant space on your wall.
  • Tribal Feather Drawing. American Indians have a rich history of incorporating feathers on their war bonnets. This sketch is just a part of the aforementioned traditional headdress.
  • Feather Outline Drawing. This picture can be used as a guide on how to perfectly draw a feather. From the vane to the barb to the hollow shaft. You can download this for free and begin your journey into feather art.
  • Charcoal Feather Drawing. The beauty of this charcoal illustration is how the thick and thin lines were combined seamlessly by the artist. The template is fully downloadable and could work well as a screensaver.

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Feather Pencil Drawing


Charcoal Feather Drawing


Easy Feather Drawing


Feather Line Drawing


Use These Fancy Feather Images in the Following Way:

  • As a backdrop to a themed party, e.g. the peacock feather drawing could match well with a masquerade party
  • Art galleries (or even art teachers) can print them out and hand them to guests (or students) as a basic how-to for drawing feathers
  • Conservationists of endangered birds will be able to use these illustrations during their talks, e.g. eagle feather drawing
  • Owners of pet stores can incorporate their designs for the store’s flyers
  • Cover a vacant space in your dining area or shop with these templates as they are all downloadable and resizeable. They can perfectly occupy those empty wall frames.

Absolutely Free and Absolutely Convenient

  • All our Feather Drawings can easily be accessed via the download option
  • You can resize the size of image to cater to your preferences
  • They are available as both JPG and PNG.

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