Incredible how a particular kind of medium changes the ballgame of any work of art, right? Some may not really look right on certain kinds of styles, say, crayons and pointilism (this is just an example, so you can calm down). Then there are those that have this particular purpose as they make things look a certain way.

Much like charcoal.

Right off the bat, these stunning charcoal drawings trigger some reaction or emotion stronger than others, say, 3D Pencil Drawings, could. So much so that they inspire.

Well, with a click of the download button, you can be inspired to study and recreate some of these charcoal masterpieces.

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Charcoal Animal Drawing

Charcoal Art Drawing


Charcoal Tree Drawing


Charcoal Pencil Drawing

Charcoal? I Say Char-COOL!

In drawing with charcoal, you have quite a few more liberties than other mediums can provide: it’s easy to draw and shade in contours; it’s a lot more workable than paint, and you can definitely afford to be a bit messier. All those are evident in the number of charcoal sketches we have for you here.

  • Haunting, beautiful, hauntingly beautiful, “Charcoal Drawing of Ghost” will make you wanna look closer and give you the heebie-jeebies at the same time. The eyes, though slightly obscure, definitely pull you in.
  • Though charcoal drawings don’t really have the precision that Ballpoint Pen Drawings do, you can still see the amount of detail work put into this horse sketch in “Charcoal Animal Drawing.” You can say the artist definitely held the reins on the charcoal with this work of art!
  • With a number of smudges here and there in “Charcoal Art Drawing,” the glumness and weariness is apparent in not only the subject’s facial expression. It is clear here how charcoal can artfully bring more depth and drama.
  • “Charcoal Tree Drawing” shows how charcoal is not limited to just portraits and that you can be light- and heavy-handed with your charcoal pencil.

Charcoal Portrait Drawing


Charcoal Abstract Dragonfly Drawing

Charcoal Beach Drawing


Charcoal Couple Drawing

Charcoal Heart Drawing


  • It’s amazing what a few fine lines can do for a portrait, yeah? In “Charcoal Pencil Drawing,” you can clearly see that you can opt for something other than the bold strokes that are typical in charcoal drawings.
  • Why, yes. Yes, you can draw your favorite animated characters with charcoal as well, as it’s apparent in “Charcoal Portrait Drawing”! After all, the bold lines drawn with charcoal are perfect and very effective in depicting movement and action.
  • In “Charcoal Bohemian Style Drawing,” it’s clear to see how this particular medium is perfect for various other art styles as well.
  • The recreating of texture in “Charcoal Abstract Dragonfly Drawing” is absolutely stunning that you’ll surely want to procure your own charcoal pencil and start experimenting!
  • “Charcoal Beach Drawing” is proof that you can totally get away with uniform strokes and lines to get your desired outcome with your charcoal masterpieces.
  • Though a seeming featgiven that it’s easy to get smudges where you don’t want them when you’re working with charcoal—“Charcoal Couple Drawing” shows that you can absolutely pull off a realistic portrait.
  • In “Charcoal Heart Drawing,” you can see that a more graphic direction is also possible.

Such a variety that it’s near impossible not to draw inspiration from any single one. So take it from these stunning charcoal drawings, and say, “Move over, Pencil Drawings!”

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