In your freehand course this week, Professor What’s her Face tells you that you have to hand in seven plates of fish drawings. Ever the quirky bird, she says, “Let’s bring some fabulosity into it!” You have free interpretation and free creative reign. But not only that, you also have a challenge.

Like some wonderful cosmic happenstance, you find yourself viewing this collection of 9+ fabulous fish drawings! They are all so very different—perfect to feed your inspiration needs! And they are available for JPG download. (By the way, you may check out these Abstract Drawings instead if you need something more on the deconstructed end of the spectrum.)

Simple Fish Drawing

Simple Fish Drawing

Jelly Fish Drawing

Jelly Fish Drawing


Clown Fish Drawing

Clown Fish Drawing

Outline Fish Drawing

Outline Fish Drawing


All Schools of Fish Drawings

Like their avian counterparts, Bird Drawings, these fish drawings offer quite a variety of options for you to choose from; they come in different styles, use different mediums, and are illustrated from different perspectives by different artists.

  • Minimalist, simplistic

The aesthetic of the little school of fish in “Simple Fish Drawing” looks quite familiar—much like our own versions way back in the day (a distorted infinity symbol)—don’t you think so? However, the artist somehow elevated it, gave it character almost with the quirky color combo. In “Outline Fish Drawing,” no more words need to be said, really. It’s as simple as it’s gonna get.

  • Realistic

I’ll just leave this little school of fish drawings here: “Clown Fish Drawing,” “Salmon Fish Drawing,” “Realistic Fish Drawing,” and “Vintage Fish Drawing” (this one may be debatable).

  • Patterned

As it has been quite a popular trend in the past couple of years, patterns ranging from tribal to the mandala have made their way into several pieces of art, including, yes, fish drawings. You can see this trend in “Tropical Fish Drawing” and “Hand-Drawn Fish Drawing.”

  • Colored

Of course, you simply can’t pass up a few colored ones. In this collection, you have “Jelly Fish Drawing” (not exactly the fish you’d expect to see but still a fish nonetheless) and “Aquarium Fish Drawing.”

Realistic Fish Drawing

Realistic Fish Drawing


Tropical Fish Drawing

Tropical Fish Drawing

Hand-Drawn Fish Drawing

Hand-Drawn Fish Drawing


Aquarium Fish Drawing

Fish Aquarium Fish Drawing


How-To’s with These Fish Drawings

At this point, you’re probably already of the same mind as, well, us that this collection of fish drawings is more than just a bunch of doodles and Pencil Drawings. Also considering the incredible quality of each image, you’ve probably already thought of a few different ways to make use of them. For those who haven’t, let me clue you in on the following:

  • Drawing practice

Some of you may be bound to want to practice or even mimic the fish illustrations here. Say, you want to do that with “Clown Fish Drawing.” All you need to do is to lay some tracing paper on top of the printed version. Then you can trace to your fish-loving heart’s content!

  • Display photo

I don’t know about you, but I definitely wouldn’t mind having “Aquarium Fish Drawing” as a featured image on my blog (I could be writing about the many wonders of koi. Don’t judge me) or as wall art in my bedroom.

  • Educational flash cards

While you’re teaching about animals to your kindergartners, a flash card version of “Jelly Fish Drawing” may come in handy.

  • Illustration inspiration

If you’re looking to illustrate for your friend’s children’s book, maybe “Simple Fish Drawing” will be the style you need.


Whether you need these as reference material or not, you won’t regret downloading these fish drawings, so don’t forget to check them out!

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