There are a lot of websites on the internet that are replete with wonderful design elements and styling. It is a treat to come across these websites and explore their unique themes and designing. If you wish to check out some of the amazing inspiring websites that are bucking the trend this season then our list may help you out.


This web and design studio is immensely creative and features an outer space like design. It has a mix feel of virtual reality and digital space like interface which is brought about by the colour palette of black and blue in the front page. Its unique and bold design makes it click among the audience.


This website features a lot of powerful images which makes the website look enigmatic. The design elements have a serious appeal and the site uses black backdrop coupled with premium quality images in the interface and the navigation panel. Its contemporary look makes it trendy.


This fashion website makes use of a flamboyant design which uses a lot of feminine, make up and beauty design elements. It uses colours like grey and white and lots of icons of makeup brush. The typeface is loud and the interface is user-friendly which makes it likeable among users.


This sleek and stylish website will make you succumb to its innate charm. With images of a lot of cars on the interface, this site makes use of grey and yellow hues to display its content. It has a classy feel to it which is enhanced by the immaculate designing that makes it trendy.


This site has an appeal that can be at best described as the mix of vintage and contemporary. Not to mention the images on the site have a feel that takes you to the yester era and makes you feel delighted. The use of vibrant colours on a black backdrop makes it really wonderful.


This website is the ultimate answer to all sites cool as the designing and interface is super amazing. The use of black and white makes it look subtle and add to that the use premium images on the site gives it an adorable appeal.

the capitol

This uber cool website is absolutely brilliant and the creative way in which it is designed makes it trendy. The use of subtle colours such as grey, black and white and premium images give a nice touch to its appearance. The content style and layout of the website is also different.


This super cool looking website has a lot of spunk and funk which makes it stick to its theme. The use of animated theme on the website makes it really funky. The icons and images of cartoons on the website make it really catchy. The entire designing of the website is appealing.


This website is another example of how to create an amazing website with catchy design elements. The use of black and white as the theme colour coupled with snazzy icons does the trick of creating a nifty website. This  coffee solutions website will grow your love for coffee.

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