You often notice that people, designers, and companies tend to create a lot of hoopla around well-designed websites. The reason is that a good website can bring in a lot of revenue for companies, directly or indirectly. Customers tend to judge a business by looking at its website. The website serves as a measuring tool for the business. In order to design an amiable and good website, people take different things into consideration. Some people give preference to the appearance while some people prioritize the utility. But in order to make a website good, all the different features like appearance and utility need to be taken into consideration. Here are a few websites that will serve as good reference for designing a website.


Innovative and interactive designs have become the governing rules of digital marketing companies, media houses, and new-age advertising agencies. To connect and engage have become the motto, and to generate revenue in this digital and swipe happy world. Because of its  designs and the right approach to display, this site has established itself on this list.


Music promotions and promoting an album have seen a lot of groundbreaking changes. From minimalistic design ideas to over-the-top creative ideas, music labels and media companies have used all types of innovative designs. The site has rightly displayed its products with amazing designs and hence grabbed the attention of many visitors of this field.


Apparel labels have to update their collections each quarter, and every time the design should be unique and elegant. Apart from the way the apparel are displayed, the designs used on the site are remarkable. And because of these reasons, it has acquired a place on this list.


For any kind of a company offering services, the target is to promote the brand name and to give sufficient details on the web page for future clientele. This site has performed the task effectively and attracted a number of visitors from almost all the segments.


Any specialist florist shop, which provides extensive gifting and anniversary packages should have a chic name and vibrant design. This site matches these parameters perfectly and hence it is popular among the users, who made it a part of this list.


Basketball is a popular and energetic sport. The  basic design of a sports website or blog should have a dynamism and the color palette should be chosen accordingly so that it can attract and engage more users. This site has perfectly understood this fact and demonstrated it in a nice manner that people have sought it on various engines.


A studio or media house should always highlight their portfolio. An animation studio should have elements which showcase their work in the best manner possible.


An art gallery or jewelry brand needs to have an unfamiliar yet elegant design.


Each agency has its own unique and innovative style, so the theme or design should be based on a personal level and also for an intended clientele.


For a designer, it is essential to understand the potential customer base or the genre of art and design it is going to cater to. The designer also needs to understand how to promote his or her personal brand name.

The different websites mentioned above will function as a good guide for designing websites that are not only elegant and impressive but are also user-friendly. There are a lot of designs that have used colors to create contrast, and a few of them have been based on rugged design ideas. Since the users of the websites prefer a simple and easy to use website, it is required to design a website that is simple as well as catchy. These sample websites provide good suggestions to amateurs in designing a good website.


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