This Week We are back with list of the inspiring websites for the week is all you’ll need to stay excited and busy for the next few days. These links to get the best, most updated, and trending design ideas from the world of web design. In this week’s collection we have designs from webydo, adidas, tenslife, spellup,  cedevita, landerapp, drinksmartwater, teamleschameaux and many more….


This design comes with freshness and brightness of orange color and smooth sliding images that adds more charm to the overall appearance of the layout. This design is popularly used for the website featuring various products as it suits the idea perfectly. Also, it consists of sensitive and clickable fields to enhance the user experience.


It is one of the best design on the web that is popularly used for e-commerce sites as it presents the images of items perfectly. Plus, the large field for images makes the view clear for the viewers. This intriguing design also features feedback button, search bar, navigation and many more interesting elements.  


This white and black colored design is becoming trendy on the web with its stylishness and modishness that has won everyone’s heart. It comes with a neat and clean distribution of interactive elements such as navigation menu, cart icon, widgets and so on. This design contains blocks for images in column wise alignment.


It is one of the coolest designs, which displays impressive outlook with a responsive layout that can easily drag the attention of the audience. The lovely color combination craft the design in a way that it looks more attractive and highlights the content imprinted on it. It is getting trendy due to the exclusive elements used in it for the better experience of the visitors.


This design with ivory color background showcases moving and sliding images that make it look extremely fashionable and voguish. The smooth scrolling feature with excellent multimedia support has made this design every web designer’s choice. It consists of many appealing elements like menu icon, navigation tabs, sign in button and so on.


The cloudy blue sky background in this design has made it one of the best design on the internet. Plus, the feathery smooth scroll blended with the layout of the design enhances the browsing experience of the visitors. And, just with one click, the visitors can explore various options and features of the design.


This intense design comes with the black color background, which gives the design a classy and stylish appearance. It contains plenty of sections for posting images that zooms in and out on selection. The menu bar embedded in the design directs the visitor to the more informational pages of their interest.


With the bright and sober color, this appealing, and attractive design has started a new designing trend on the internet. It showcases different color on every click that makes the design look colorful and lively. The attractive elements such as typography, clickable arrows, intriguing images, etc can easily catch the attention of the online visitors.


This exquisite design displays an exciting mixture of light blue, orange, green and white color that directs all the attention to the content imprinted on it.  The bold typography paired with meaningful diagram and images on the design makes it trouble-free for the visitor to understand the concept of any website.  


The dark and attractive blue colored background displaying tempting juice bottles have become trendy on the internet as this design brings a sense of freshness with it. It features different language selection along with other elements such as home bar, arrow to scroll downwards, blocks for clickable images, etc that provides the best user experience.

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