Black may have a negative connotation for some individuals like death, evil, and aggression. Maybe because it creates a certain mystery due to the absence of color. In western culture, the color is deeply associated with mourning and grief. However at the other end of the spectrum, black can mean protection, sophistication, and authority.

Numerous things can be interpreted when using the black. Do you need images that display such a shade and tint? Scroll down and take a pick from our collection of “9+ Best Black Silhouette Vectors.” All the images in this compilation are downloadable, editable, and are available in various formats just like Free Silhouette Designs listing.

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Black Cat Silhouette

Black Tree Silhouette

Black and White Silhouette

Black Bird Silhouette


Paint It Black Silhouettes Vector

  • Misunderstood Feline

Thanks to folklore any cat which possesses a solid black fur will immediately fuel the fire for superstition in some circles. Such an irrational connotation could be traced back to the Middle Ages especially in Egypt where cats were worshiped as gods. Presently, their popularity has continued with these animals being tagged as the bearers of bad luck. How about you? What do you think of the image being presented in the “Black Cat Silhouette?”

  • Cast a Shadow

The dying rays of the sun creates opaque objects. Isn’t this image of a sun setting over a grove of trees amazing? The soft-colored sky that is burning in white. Pick our “Black Tree Silhouette” as it captures the essential simple beauty of nature.

  • Mecca’s Water Playground

The Statue of Liberty. How many immigrants on the deck of an ocean steamer coming from the Atlantic Ocean have been greeted by this universal symbol of friendship? The is also New York City’s premiere waterfront wherein it has a rich history from the colonial era up to Post-World War II. Just imagine that beneath this serene “Black and White Silhouette” of the harbor, in real life there are a lot of secrets that lie in the deep from steamships to gigantic cement-eating worms, you simply can’t believe it!

Black Eagle Silhouette

Black Head Silhouette

Black Bear Silhouette

Black Spider Silhoutee


Black Owl Silhoutee


Black in Fashion

Forget the stereotype. People who adore black are said to be loners and anti-social. Have you ever heard of a “black tie only event?” How about the so-called “the little black dress?” Here are our recommendations. Because saying “painting the town red” is so passe.

  • If you are an interior designer who wants to make a room appear smaller, pick any of vectors as a wallpaper.
  • Having a Halloween themed party? Searching for images that are a tad bit macabre? We highly recommend a few eerie themes from this compilation.
  • Opening a shop that sells Gothic fixtures? Pick one of our vectors as a wallpaper for your business venture.
  • Planning to get a tattoo? Want a minimalistic approach for that skin art? Use any of our black-oriented theme vectors which you think will suit your taste.
  • Are you a teenager who just wants to stand out of the crowd by wearing a t-shirt that excludes too much color. Pick one of our vectors and have it emblazoned on that empty white shirt of yours!

If you still  need vectors that exclude colors in their images then you can also check out our Animal Silhouettes listing.

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