Who doesn’t love the gentle glow given by a setting sun? Sunsets give us a breathtaking array of colors. Haven’t you noticed that the sky suddenly becomes an canvas when dusk arrives?

But how about if we portray sunsets as mere dark shape outlines. Are they still as majestic as their breathtakingly crimson counterpart? Why don’t you scroll down our compilation of “9+ Beautiful Sunset Silhouettes?” Take a pick and then give us your verdict. All the images are available in the following formats: EPS, PNG, JPG, and SVG. For your convenience, we have made these Silhouettes Vector customizable after you have made your download.

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Sunset Tree Silhouette

Sunset Silhouette Painting

Sunset Beach Silhouette

Woman Silhouette Sunset


Be Happy As Twilight Falls

  • Prelude to a Coming Dawn

A canopy of trees basks in the fiery golden light of a crimson sun. Are these trees coming to life as they slowly embrace each others courtesy of the silent song from an unseen evening poet? Pick this “Sunset Tree Silhouette” as your screensaver and appreciate this calming and meditative view.

  • Sunsets with Friends

What is more heart-stirring than the coming evening hours slowly becoming a beautiful sunset? How about the bringing together of a pinkish horizon and the rhythmic persuasion of the crashing waves on sand. Add a group of friends laughing straight from their heart and you have this “Sunset Beach Silhouette.”

  • As the Sky Becomes a Field of Love

What is it with sunsets that make love-struck couples draws them to its tranquil majesty? Is it the fiery golden orb slowly unwinding, giving off threads of light among a trail of rolling clouds? When you talk about love, you spell it with L-O-V-E,  just like this “Sunset Couple Silhouette.”


If you’re done looking for silhouettes about this perfect sphere at the center of our solar system, then maybe you want something that is organic, say a living organism? Try our Animal Silhouettes!

Palm Silhouettes on Summer Sunset

Sunset Silhouette of a City

Warm up in the Sunset’s Colorful Symphony

Haven’t we all experienced a rather unusual feeling when we are enveloped by its comforting glowing colors. Who doesn’t enjoy sunsets? To be more specific on this matter we will give you resolutions on how to revel in the inherent beauty of the setting sun. Because this is nature’s most extraordinary light show.

  • Are you a member of small group of people with an interest in bird-watching? Is your group still looking for that picture-perfect nature backdrop for your clubhouse? We have such an image for you to download and print!
  • Is that engagement finally getting a crowning point with wedding bells? Are you both nature lovers for that matter? Pick a silhouette that would harmonize perfectly for your wedding.
  • Most people greatly acknowledge an event that has a limited window of time when it occurs. If you are one of those individuals and you like to watch the setting of the sun, why don’t you download one of our silhouettes as a reminder of such a moment.


If you are finally done with images of the time when daylight fades but still need profiles that are dark in shape then check out our Woman Silhouettes listing.

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