I feel like there’s not enough appreciation for the brilliance of the humble silhouette. It plays around with the principles of negative space and positive space and opts for a color selection for the foreground that would typically be used for the background. That, to me, is pure genius! I mean, it’s not easy to have to rely on the contours and edges of a particular subject matter to present it in a way that it can’t be mistaken for something else entirely.

Witness this mind-boggling, wonderfully trippy product of art in this collection of the 12+ elegant person silhouettes. These Free Silhouette Designs come in JPG, Vector EPS, AI Illustrator, etc. formats—a variety of formats for those of you with a variety of design needs!

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Model Silhouettes Collection


Man & Woman Silhouettes


Fashion Women Silhouettes


Black Family Silhouettes

Person Silhouettes 5 Ways

You’re probably thinking that with a bunch of person silhouettes (might as well include these Woman Silhouettes too), there won’t be much actual difference in the designs for you to even consider giving this collection a second look. But humor me for a while, and browse some more. You might actually like a few of these person silhouettes!

  • Pose-y – It’s nice to get a good variety of person silhouettes (especially since these are silhouettes, the least you could do is change things up with the position and posture and what have you). For your pose-y person silhouettes, check out “Model Silhouettes Collection,” “Fashion Women Silhouettes,” and “Silhouettes of People Set.”
  • Coupling – Why not include some couple-y person silhouettes into the mix, right? You get those against colorful, punchy backgrounds in “Man & Woman Silhouettes.”
  • Headshot – In “Unknown Person Silhouettes” and “People Faces Silhouettes,” you have silhouettes from the neck up and from two different angles.
  • A Slice of Life – Of course, we have some person silhouettes that are more on the everyday life side of things as well. You can see that in the following: “Black Family Silhouettes,” “Editable Free PSD Silhouettes,” and “People Silhouettes With Dogs.”
  • Crowd Control – Pretty self-explanatory. I’ll just leave “Party People Silhouettes” and “Group of Persons Silhouette” here.

People Silhouettes With Dogs


Man Pushing Silhouettes


Party People Silhouettes


Group of Persons Silhouette

People Faces Silhouettes


Silhouettes of People Set


Lovely Couple Silhouettes Vector


The Deal with Person Silhouettes

With the variety of designs that you can clearly see in this collection of person silhouettes, it’s fairly easy to get carried away with thinking of creative ways to use each one. That’s why we’ve come up with the following:

  • Person Silhouette Vectors – Most of these person silhouettes are editable EPS and AI vectors. This is awesome for you graphic designers and illustrators, who frequently get buried under projects to even think of concept designs, let alone attempt to make every single element from scratch. With these person silhouette vectors, you can save up on time, energy, and sanity! Yay!
  • Guide for Animators – With the likes of “Man Pushing Silhouettes,” other person silhouettes in this collection, and these Dancing Girls Silhouettes, those working on animation projects can have a guide for various postures and positions that are needed in certain scenes.
  • Person Silhouettes for Crafts – Use any of these person silhouettes as cutouts or stencils for a whole slew of crafts projects. You can even get away with creating stickers out of “Man & Woman Silhouettes.”

With your options and our suggestions covered, all you need now is to check out the links and download!

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