Are you tired of your kids playing around with their gadgets all day? Do you want to include a varying array of activities in their daily schedules–preferably those you could share with your kids? Give our coloring pages a try. Sit those little ones down and get to coloring these Free Printable Coloring Pages.

They are all available for you to download in JPG format. What are you waiting for? Use this opportunity to bond with your kids. Grab those crayons, colored pencils and even those watercolor palettes just lying around the house. Download these pages, print them and get to coloring.

Christmas Gifts Coloring Page

Christmas Gifts Coloring Pages


Halloween Coloring Page

Halloween Coloring Pages


Mandala Coloring Page

Mandala Coloring Pages


Thanksgiving Feast Coloring Page

Thanksgiving Feast Coloring Pages


Pokemon Coloring Page

Pokemon Coloring Pages


Disney Coloring Page

Disney Coloring Pages


A Wide Array of Coloring Choices

Because we all appreciate variety, we have collected a whole range of subjects for you to choose from.

  • Holiday Treats

If you’re like any normal person in the face of this earth, you definitely like holidays. Not only are they great opportunities for some R&R, but they are also the perfect times to get together with friends and family. So bond with your little ones over our holiday-themed coloring pages: “Christmas Gifts Coloring Page”, “Halloween Coloring Page”, “Easter Coloring Page”, and “Summer Coloring Page”.

  • Animated or Cartoon-ified

We have animations that would appeal to both boys and girls. For your little princess, we have the “Frozen Coloring Page” and “Hello Kitty Coloring Page”. For your little soldier boy, we have “Spiderman Coloring Page”, “Pokemon Coloring Page”, as well as “Finding Nemo” coloring page, featuring Dory and some jellyfish.

  • A Different Kind of Zoo

If your kid prefers animals, you can let him color the “Jellyfish Coloring Page” and the “Animal Coloring Page”.

  • Mandala

Who says coloring is solely for kids? For adults, the “Mandala Coloring Page” would be suitable, as well as these Printable Adult Coloring Pages.

Hello Kitty Coloring Page

Hello Kitty Coloring Pages


Easter Coloring Page

Easter Coloring Pages


Animal Coloring Page

Animal Coloring Pages


Spiderman Coloring Page

Spiderman Coloring Pages


Summer Coloring Page

Summer Coloring Pages


Jellyfish Coloring Page

Jelly Fish Coloring Pages


Creative Uses for Our Coloring Pages

Don’t let these pages go to waste. When you and your kids are done with them, instead of just throwing them in the garbage, recycle them. There are a lot of creative things you can do with these pages.

  • Gift Wrapper

Over the course of the year, you are bound to encounter a number of events, from birthdays to weddings. Instead of buying your regular gift wrapper from the store, turn the coloring pages you and your kids have been working on into wrapping paper for the smaller presents.

  • Display

Give that much-needed boost to your kids’ self-confidence and sense of achievement by displaying their handiwork around the house, maybe framed up or just stuck on the door of your refrigerator. Seeing them would make them feel proud and appreciated.

  • Drawing Practice

Enhance the development of your children’s motor control by allowing them to trace these drawings and work a little bit more on their artistic side. The outlines are thick enough to be seen through the thinner types of bond paper.

  • Scrapbook Material

Help them appreciate the value of keeping mementos, at the same time allowing them to explore paper crafts. Cut up these shapes they love after having colored them in and stick them onto a scrapbook page.


If you can’t get enough of these coloring pages, head on over to our Abstract Coloring Pages list.

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